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Welcome to the world of Javita where instant gourmet coffee and weight loss becomes an exciting business opportunity. We've combined a rich blend of estate-grown Arabica and Robusta coffee beans with beneficial herbs for extra energy, appetite control and metabolism boost. This is the simplest and easiest weight loss method ever. Just drink coffee and lose weight!

More than half of the world's population already enjoys coffee which is why this is such an exciting new business opportunity for full-time or part-time entrepreneurs. Javita has merged three great industries, coffee, weight loss and direct selling, to give you the opportunity of a lifetime.

Live Webinar - 30 minutes

That's Javita...a better cup of coffee. It tastes great and is infused with herbs to give you more of 'why' you drink coffee PLUS weight loss, appetite control and increased metablolism. Javita tastes better and it pays better.  
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Coffee has always played an important role in social and business circles and now coffee can also be your easy weight control method. Throughout history, coffee houses have been the place to gather and, in fact, were often the arena for political debate and revolutionary change. Today you can find a coffee shop in just about every city in the world and, sometimes, on every street corner. And coffee has become big business. No longer is it hidden away in a remote corner of Africa - coffee plantations have spread around the globe and coffee beans are a valuable commodity. Now you can become a "coffee trader" with your own Javita coffee weight-control business.

Better Timing:
Timing is the key to success in every endeavor. The right timing magnifies and multiplies your efforts. Javita offers all the excitement and potential of being first, on the ground floor without the associated risk. Take a look at this 3 minute video to see the impact of timing.

Better Compensation:
Javita's compensation plan is built for the masses so the everyday person can succeed. They can get their morning coffee free and build their own coffee business without giving up the security of their full time job. click here for opportunity information
The average person can earn thousands of dollars part-time and for those who see this as a career, the seven figure incomes are there also.

Javita Incentives

Javita Javita Javita Javita Javita Javita Javita Javita Javita Javita

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