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Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever!

Javita Compensation Plan

Javita Circle of Success
In Javita, your immediate income, residual income and long-term wealth will be created by building a network of people who are using Javita products and sharing the Javita business opportunity. A large network can only be created if there is a system that can easily be followed and duplicated by all members. This is referred to as Javita's Circle of Success. There are four steps in the circle as pictured below:

Javita Circle of Success

Javita Conference Call Schedule

Javita Conference Calls

You can start your day and your prospect's day on a high with these calls. As John says, "I guarantee you that everyone on these calls has a better day". Monday to Thursday the focus is on the basics of building your business and rocket fueled inspiration. Friday we talk about the money. You can use these calls to build your business.

Our 3 National Calls are conducted by your dream team. They run for 20 to 30 minutes with an overview of the business include exciting testimonials of others who are seeing success in Javita. These calls are designed for you and your prospects.

Javita Conference Calls

More Recorded Calls

Burn & Control Q&A - 712-432-9132

60 minutes of great information

Javita PDF Files
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Javita Getting Started PDF

Javita First Steps Roadmap                     Javita 90-day Roadmap

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Javita Scripts                     Javita Java Party Guide

How to have a successful booth PDF

Javita Overview PDF

Javita Scripts

Do you have a good sentence? A really good first sentence?

I?m a big believer in leading with a CD. If your prospect is very open and interested you can give them a coffee sample along with the CD but be sure the objective is to evaluate the business not the coffee.

When your first sentence is good, your prospects will lean forward, and then the rest of your presentation is easy. Most distributors think that it is their wonderful presentation that makes a difference. It isn't.

Prospects make up their mind very quickly, so it is what you say before your presentation that will make the most difference.

Your posture and how you come across is the message. Be excited, "you?ve found something big, a fortune to be made". You must create a sense of urgency and a fear of loss. Remember that "People buy people". They are going to buy your excitement, your passion, your belief.

It?s important that you get across the enormity of the business opportunity and people must understand that weight loss coffee is a big deal. It?s a simple, easy, no brainer business that most people relate to. In most cases when you talk about weight loss coffee people will ask "where can I get it?"

Click on the link to see some sample scripts that you can you when prospecting. Sample Scripts

Sound Concepts Javita Tools
3rd Party Javita Business Tools by Sound Concepts

Javita Business Tools
www.JavitaBusinessTools.com by Maximum Impact Graphics

Cup of Javita

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